Bobby Becker

Bobby Becker was born in 1991 in Tennessee. He lives and works in Nashville, USA.

Formally trained in photography and sculpture at Belmont University, Bobby Becker proves himself to be a multidisciplinary artist creating postcards from the soul. Indeed, his series “History” also calls for stage designing and direction. Generally featuring himself as an anonymous character inside a set piece, Becker manages to spark a dense scenario with a very minimalistic set-up. Indeed, these ersatz of house interiors transpose a past reality as seen through the filters of the mind and its emotions.

“History”, or His-story, “calls forth both the past […] and the significance of an individual's take on the events” explains Becker. Indeed, while some photos recall Rodney Smith or Robert ParkHarrison, Becker always remains within the confines of his set, as if trapped within psychological walls and in this sense, is closer to artists such as JeeYoung Lee. However, his limited use of props sets up simple scenes to allow the complexity of memory to unfold.

Becker examines the legacy of abuse in a familial context, whether it be psychological, sexual or emotional. The man in the picture, whose head appears to be covered by sheets, a square box, or a hat, could simultaneously be Becker’s alter-ego or an archetype of the patriarchal figure of the household through the generations. Yet the recurrence of this same character highlights the resilience of the psychological fracture, thus, created by such behaviour. Bobby Becker’s photographs are indeed a theatrical play, which provide a visual evidence of an intangible yet perennial moral distress.


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