Adam Magyar

Born in Budapest in 1972, Adam Magyar lives and works in Berlin.
Ever fascinated by the constant hum of all megalopolis, Adam Magyar offers a new approach of time and space.


Just an urban element amongst others, mankind is at the heart of the SQUARE series. Adam Magyar  captures one at a time, the passage of streetwalkers from a bridge. After a painstakingly long numeric piecing together in order to recompose these crowds against an urban background ; which, beyond their socio/economic or cultural status, form a homogenous whole, a social gestalt.

For Urban Flow, Adam Magyar uses cameras usually geared for photo-finish ; i.e. an instantaneous  vertical screening of one pixel from a fixed point ; in order to capture not so much a few seconds but rather several (2  to 3) minutes of such urban landscapes. Thus , static objects become linear, whereas those in motion are pictures with relative degrees of reality as far as their motion-speed is concerned. With neither starting nor finishing points, such beings evolve in the midst of a universe akin to them.  "We are born, live and die as so many individuals , but also as as tiny motes in our own man-made structure we call cities or collectivities", explains Magyar. Like Contemporary Vanities, the artist , thanks to imagery, redefines the transient characteristic of the time allotted to us on an infinite linear scale.

Following the same logic as that used for Urban Flow, Stainless also bears on the part of individuality that we profess. Thanks to a reprogrammed industrial quality slit-cam , modified to suit his needs, the Artist freezes the instant when subway wagons , still traveling at full speed, enter the station. Huge aseptized metal skeleton gliding away into the heart of oblivion, the trains look alive via visible human situations across their windows. Whereas some passengers, probably harassed by their daily routine remain passive, others are all business, but all share a common goal : destination.


Finalist of the International Photographic Awards both in Fine-Art but also in the Special Category in 2009, Adam Magyar was also the recipient of the Lens International Culture Expo in 2010. For the past 10 years, his works have been presented in numerous countries : in Finland for the Photographic Biennal Expo in Helsinki, at the Ethnographic Museum in Hungary?s Budapest, In Houston- USA ?s Fine Arts Museum and the Photography Center (the former having purchase one of his artworks). They have equally found their place in the Deutsche Bank?s Collection in Germany, Hong Kong?s Heritage Museum, and the Bidwell Project?s in Ohio.  His work has also been published in the books In The Life of Cities, by Mohsen Mostafavi in collaboration with Harvard University's School of Design, in Light and Lens by Robert Hirsch as well as in the magazines Digital Camera (United-Kingdom), Discover (USA), AM Post (Hong-Kong), etc.


Adam Magyar's biography (pdf)
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Chemin du Village, 06650 Opio
(20mn de Cannes / 20' from Cannes, FR)
+33 (0)4 93 09 0000