Guido Argentini

Guido Argentini was born in Florence, Italy in 1966. He lives and works in Los Angeles, USA, since 1990.

He first studied medicine for three years until his passion for photography and his love for women got the upper hand. He since then has published no less than five books, all of which highlight different facets of femininity. In "Private Rooms", he explored the sensuality of women behind closed-doors whether it be in ancient villas, modern apartments or hotels, from the most luxurious one to the most squalid motel furnished with cheap plastic chairs and worn-out wallpaper. Through his lens, these rooms transformed into the self-directed theatre of the artist's voyeuristic fantasies. Beyond flesh, "Reflections" attempted to decode the depths of women's psychology and introspection, while the newly published Argentum pursues the investigation of a theme Argentini triggered with his first book entitled Silvereye; Coating athletic models with metallic glow paint, these series highlight the intrinsic beauty of powerful yet gracious and aerial human bodies. They perform within geometrical stage props, hence sparking a battle of will leading to a theogonical interaction. "I gave women the role of divinities that, unfortunately, men seized from them in the past ages" declares Argentini.

Guido Argentini's photographs have been published in prestigious magazine such as Marie Claire or Playboy and exhibited worldwide, from Tokyo to Los Angeles via Russia.


Guido Argentini's biography (pdf)
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