Yan Bighetti de Flogny

French-born photographer Yan Bighetti de Flogny studied medicine at university, before deciding to follow his dream to become a filmmaker. After having successfully passed the entry exam of well-known French Cinema school known as La Femis, he soon decided to embrace the school of life. At 23, driven by his interest for exploration, he began his long journey around the world with the goal to find inspiration for his first screenplay. Moved by his encounters, Yan decided to decided to start working alongside local non-governmental organizations in Asia and Africa and engaged in humanitarian activities. Working closely with the famous agency SIPA Press as well as UNICEF and Médecins Sans Frontières, Bighetti was sent to cover humanitarian crises and conflict zones. In 2010, Yan made once again the decision to re-orientate his career for a while and entered the corporate photography industry. Despite missing the thrill of adventure, he kept developing his professional competencies and learned to work with the most advanced equipment photographic industry has to offer. With adventure running deep in his veins, Yan never stopped thinking of what he saw and lived as a reporter and humanitarian worker.


From his 2016 trip to Rajasthan, Bighetti has brought us a powerful series of portraits of Rajasthani men whose tanned faces and irises burnt by the sun reflect a lifetime of hard work, whether it be craftsmanship or farming.


"Al Safar, on the footsteps of Ibn Battuta..."

Yan Bighetti de Flogny is currently travelling the world for a three years long, 120 000 km and 36 countries trip! Following the footsteps of the XIVth century Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta, "Al Safar" is a unique and global project. Through a curated photography and video selection, as well as the publication of history, documentary and educational books, the artist aims to offer a different approach to XXIst century Islam.


Yan Bighetti de Flogny's biography (pdf)
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Mine d'art contemporain sur le sable de Pampelonne

Yan Bighetti de Flogny

Var Matin
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