Past show

Before They Pass Away

Jimmy Nelson

September 3rd, 2015 — September 30th, 2015
Opiom Gallery

About the exhibition

Following its acclaimed success in New York, London, Brussels, Berlin and Stokholm, OPIOM Gallery is pleased to present « BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY », a selection of photographs of vibrant tribal cultures taken by British photographer Jimmy Nelson during his four years journey around the globe, from September 3rd till the 30th, 2015.

The title of Nelson's project, BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY, is intended to act as a controversial catalyst for further discussions about the permanence of these ancient cultures in our contemporary times. Indeed, between 2010 & 2013, Jimmy Nelson travelled the world to document thirty-five of some of the most fantastic indigenous cultures on the planet. While not a scientist, he can be considered as a self-trained ethnologist and visual anthropologist who, through curiosity, is looking for answers. While travelling the world, he soon realized his camera was the perfect connector for making contact and building close friendships with the most culturally distant people. He therefore embarked his traditional 5 x 4 plate Field camera to capture their emotional and spiritual lives via the recording of their painted faces, scarified bodies, jewelry, extravagant hairstyles and ritual languages.

Beyond his position as a witness, Jimmy Nelson ultimately intended his project to be an ambitious aesthetic photographic record that would stand the test of time. It forces us to see, to understand and to remember, Before They Pass Away.   

About the artist

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